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Unveiling Kazu at The Five

“At Kazu at The Five, it’s not just the taste and the dining experience. The experience encompasses all the other senses as well.” – Jia Ming, Director of Kazu

After a long wait, Kazu has opened its doors in its new location at The Five.

At The Five, Kazu occupies The Pavilion, a 4,329 sq.ft. standalone building with three concepts; Sushi, Kappo and Bā by 61Monarchy. We had the opportunity to catch up with Jia Ming, the Director of Kazu, who has been deeply involved in Kazu’s transformation.

To feast your senses, no detail has been left to spare. Your eyes will wander to the 4.6m height and the 20m depth of the building, while the dark floors and walls seen from the outside through Kazu’s full-length windows create a sense of anticipation of what’s to come. A gentle scent of ginger flower wafts throughout the space, complemented by music especially curated to set the scene for your dining experience.

After you register at the foyer, you will journey down the 20m long walkway which leads you to your Sushi and Kappo dining experience.

As you walk down the walkway, look to the left and peer through the shutter-like wall and catch a glimpse of a curved bar that sits 20 people at a time. Regulars will immediately recognise the familiarity of Sushi Kazu’s previous design in this brand new location. If you have come to Kazu for omakase, Sushi is where you will be.

But if you have come to experience Kappo at Kazu, you will be taken through a space perpendicular to Sushi. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to low lights with hints of red in the Kappo room.

The design highlights a more intimate and private space, evoking a feeling of being in the chef’s own private kitchen. A bamboo garden complements Kappo’s dining area, indirectly placing customers in a Japanese garden while they enjoy Chef Riki’s creations.

The contrast of the two spaces sets the stage for Chef Norikazu of Sushi and Chef Riki of Kappo to dazzle their customers and to showcase the different Japanese cooking techniques used for each dining experience.

Another highlight of Kazu’s new location is Bā by 61M, a collaboration between Kazu and 61Monarchy. Bā occupies Kazu’s foyer, with indoor and outdoor seating to create two different ambiences within Kazu’s new location.

The collaboration began after Jia Ming was introduced to 61Monarchy by a friend. He immediately took an interest in their detailed approach to cocktails and of course their deep range of rare whiskeys. At Bā, “Every bottle has a story behind it”, says Jia Ming. To further set themselves apart, Bā features more unique brands which come in limited quantities and are not easily available in the world, let alone Malaysia. Three brands which are Jia Ming’s favourite is Ichiro, Kanosuke Single Malt and Port Ellen.

What is apparent throughout Kazu is how no detail was left to spare with the intention of creating a Japanese restaurant that is unlike any other in Kuala Lumpur.

Kazu is now open at The Five. Reservations are preferred.

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