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The Repositioning of KPD

Selangor Properties embarked on a refurbishment project back in 2019 for Kompleks Pejabat Damansara and today, The FIVE @ KPD is born. Its vision was to reposition the complex as a compelling place for businesses looking for a new type of work environment; one that satisfies the basic elements of location, convenience, and quality, whilst offering a distinctly more creative, relaxed, and convenient setting for high business performance.

But how much was needed to be considered in terms of how the building was refurbished? To give context, KPD was built around the 1960s to 1970s with a government style office complex. During the inspection, several interiors were unkept, decaying and very much old. There were no existing facilities within and poor wayfinding around the blocks. The area inside was also unsecured and dark at certain crossroads. Along with a largely untrimmed landscape, KPD was not a very noticeable address to the main street of Jalan Dungun. Despite all that, the building has a form of history as it houses the local stock exchange ( BURSA ) at the time and also Wisma UN.

What ensued later on would be a series of rebranding and revisualizing of the existing space to turn it into tastefully refurb buildings expressing a contemporary and creative edge. KPD was about to be reimagined as the only low scale and green business park amongst the high-rise offices that now grace the Jalan Dungun business district. Most importantly, it was envisioned to be a retreat within the skyline of Damansara Heights’ CBD.

Today, it’s been rebranded into The FIVE @ KPD. Each block has its own distinct colours, and the main block now bears a new name, called The 5th Place. The overall structure was organized and enhanced with prime access to the MRT and streets. The address would be activated with a frontage and edges as part of the landscaping.

Post refurbishment, The FIVE @ KPD would be Damansara Heights’ CBD first business park. It is now a central business location with convenient transport options, prestigious address, unique working environment as well as improved green landscapes. Combined with the openness and accessibility of a low-rise space, The Five is a unique place that’s difficult to miss. With a work ethos to attract design houses, co-working owners, SMEs, agencies, professional practice, and specialty F&Bs, we are now ready to serve the community both within and beyond Damansara Heights. As we continue to share our story in the coming months, we are inviting businesses like you to be part of us and to enjoy what The Five has to offer.

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