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Sushi Kazu is a display of simplicity being the best test of quality

What began as a relationship between a diner and an omakase chef bloomed into Damansara Heights’ beloved Sushi Kazu.

Sushi Kazu is tucked away in a quiet neck of Damansara Heights. With intentionally stripped-back aesthetics, it is a reflection of their executive chef and owner, Norikazu Shibata, whose principle is “Simplicity is the best taste of quality”.

(From left to right) Chef Norikazu Shibata and Jia Ming

Though the Michelin Guide has described omakase as “formal” and “intimidating”, this laid-back omakase joint takes away the intimidation and makes way for a display of meticulous craft by Chef Norikazu. For Jia Ming, Sushi Kazu’s other owner, they have made omakase more approachable by putting Chef Norikazu centre stage to interact with diners. It largely speaks to why half of Sushi Kazu’s diners are regulars who return to savour the season's best flavours.

Chef Norizaku’s culinary techniques leave diners wanting more as he displays a masterclass of omakase dining by staying true to the essence of omakase and tickling your tastebuds with the very best flavours of seasonal ingredients combined with seasonings and garnishes in each dish. Dining at Sushi Kazu is a whole sensory experience. All you need to do is leave it up to Chef Norizaku and he will craft an unforgettable experience.

And now after three years in its current location, Sushi Kazu will be evolving into Kazu. They will bring three new concepts to their new location in The Five. Aside from Sushi Kazu, Kazu will feature Kappo Kazu and Kazu Ba by 61 Monarchy.

Kappo simply means “to cut and to cook”, an all-encompassing word for a less formal cuisine that emphasises the proximity between the diner and the chef who is cutting and cooking the food. How it differs from omakase dining is that a majority of the ingredients have already been prepared beforehand, but like omakase the dishes are prepared before you.

Before you begin your culinary journey at Kazu, Kazu Ba by 61 Monarchy awaits. Here you can enjoy Japanese-inspired cocktails and whiskey flights. The three concepts will come together in a 3,500 square feet space at The Five. Guests can come for pre-dinner drinks as an apéritif and proceed to dine omakase or kappo. Pairings can be done according to your dishes with the manager’s assistance. If the night hasn’t ended, you can continue to enjoy Kazu’s atmosphere with a nightcap.

For Jia Ming, what they want diners to experience when entering Kazu’s new location is the feeling of entering a resort. As you walk in, you can expect the feeling of entering a zen garden where you can savour each dish served to you. Each detail has been given careful consideration and it is sure to be a sensory experience for Kazu’s diners to enjoy with friends and family.

Kazu is coming to The Five at the end of 2022. In the meantime, enjoy as we catch up with Jia Ming and Chef Norikazu Shibata.

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