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Paolo Paolo Gelato

Updated: Jan 5

On the hot humid days in Kuala Lumpur, all one wants is a cool respite. Now you can find that at The Five with the brand new addition to the tenant mix - the latest gelateria in KL - Paolo Paolo Gelato.

A year in the works, Paolo Paolo Gelato is the brainchild of Miranda Yeoh. A cute backstory follows the name of this gelateria. Over a dim sum dinner, Miranda and a friend were speaking about an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s travel show where he was travelling in Italy and a chef kept repeating “paolo, paolo” which supposedly meant “Hey, slow down,” and when Miranda looked it up, no such thing. As it turns out, the saying was “piano, piano”.

Funnily enough, the name stuck, and Miranda also has a British short-haired cat called Paolo. Her toddler repeatedly said “Paolo Paolo Gelato” around their home and Miranda felt that there was a nice ring to the name. Beyond this cute story, “paolo” also means little or humble in Italian which resonated with Miranda as she feels that these are two things that her first gelateria will be.

As the Paolo Paolo Gelato team took a deeper dive into gelato they quickly found that the science behind gelato-making was closer to baking than it was to cooking. Miranda says, “Everything has to be exact, everything reacts to something and everything affects everything.”

How gelato is different from ice cream is the lack of cream and because of that, gelato brings out more flavour, which brings us to the fun part of gelato. For Miranda, it was important that Paolo Paolo Gelato features a selection of classics for those who are creatures of comfort. Besides that, Paolo Paolo Gelato will also add their own twist to the classic flavours and bring seasonal flavours into their repertoire. Their gelato will be freshly made in-house with ingredients sourced locally and internationally.

What makes Paolo Paolo Gelato even more special is that they will share a space with Collectíve Coffee Roasters, and the coffee will play an important role in some of Paolo Paolo Gelato’s flavours. This upcoming gelateria at The Five will feature a modern and minimal design, a place for you to take shelter on the hot KL days and enjoy delectable gelato flavours with a cup of coffee.

Undoubtedly, we are screaming in excitement as we anticipate Paolo Paolo Gelato’s debut at The Five.

Follow along as we unveil more secrets of The Five in the upcoming weeks.

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