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  • Joseph Koay

Low Rise: City Living & Working

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

We like the view from the top. This is why most developers nowadays emphasize on building serviced apartments or high-rise buildings, marketing the view of the city skyline as an important aspect to one's home. Tenants pay a premium for certain floors within a high-rise, contributing to the overall growing trend of tall buildings within cities all around the world. As of 2020, Kuala Lumpur has 40 buildings higher than 200 meters and 5 buildings higher than 300 meters. These figures alone easily make Kuala Lumpur the tallest city in SouthEast Asia. With all the gleam and glamour towards high-rise residences and offices, are low-rise buildings still relevant in this day and age as it was back then?

Emporis, the German data mining company defines a low-rise building as a structure below 115 feet or 35 meters, divided into regular floors. Both high-rise and low-rise have its advantages and disadvantages. Yet with the popularity of high-rise, what are the odds that developers would embark on projects to redevelop or refurbish existing low-rise buildings, and maintain its form against the ever-growing concrete jungle of the city?

Certainly, maintaining some form of low-rise living & working still has its place in our society given the growing trend of people moving out of the city to live in the suburbs, and choosing to commute to the city for work. Here are some advantages of why some tenants or people in general would choose the low-rise life. Irrespective of how efficient emergency measures are installed within a building, panic often spreads in people living and working on higher floors. Evacuation methods on higher floors can be difficult and complicated in most cases. From this perspective, low-rise buildings offer a sense of security that keeps us close to the ground at all times. Low rise buildings can also provide better and quicker access to your everyday destinations such as markets, parks, dining places and more. . Better yet,some low-rise building complex nowadays even provide its tenants access to an artisanal grocer, fitness centre and various F&B selections all which is located within the complex itself. Low-rise buildings also allow and encourage a sense of community that can be difficult to replicate in most offices nowadays, with people from different walks of life and work to network and simply mingle around. All this paired with a crafted greenspace among the concrete jungle would create a space of tranquillity for those who appreciate a more balanced and environmentally friendly office or living space, easily obtained and maintained in low-rise buildings.

We’ll be taking you through what makes us different from the rest out there in the city for the coming months as we challenge the status quo and invite the like-minded few like you to join us at The Five. Within the concrete jungle of Damansara Height’s CBD, lies a unique cluster of 5 low-rise buildings waiting to be discovered.

Stay tuned for more in our next blog.

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