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Discover The Five: Qra

Qra (pronounced Q-ra), is a modern neighbourhood grocer with a holistic wellness concept, providing healthy choices with ingredients suited for all dietary needs, socially responsible practices, and an enduring sense of community for all. It is run by one of BIG's co-founders, David Tseng.

The products have been carefully selected to include premium goods that are not just imported but also acquired from local farmers and producers. Qra believes in maintaining close ties with the makers of all products sold in store. To top it all off, Qra also offers sustainable and zero-waste choices to encourage customers to transition to a more environmentally friendly future. There are also plenty of plant-based choices available to a growing customer base seeking a variety of plant-based products.

As Qra becomes your destination for daily essentials, you can enjoy sipping your favourite cup of coffee and eating delicious pastries from Qra’s coffee and pastry bar.

You will be spoilt for choice, with pastries ranging from croissants to danishes, cookies and cakes, and a variety of beverages. Not only that, you will be pleased to find gourmet sandwiches, paninis, soups and freshly squeezed juices for your grab-and-go meals.

Clearly, Qra is different from your usual grocery store. The meticulous curation of the items targets the local community, with consideration of new-age shoppers who demand access to high-quality supermarket products. The brightly illuminated store with a more intuitive floor design makes food shopping more appealing by breaking away from the humdrum surrounding regular grocery shops.

Qra definitely fits right into The Five as a facility that serves the entire neighbourhood with a unique concept that attracts people from all walks of life to come and shop. It all comes down to rethinking the consumer experience by establishing a space where consumers can enjoy a selection of handpicked locally and internationally sourced goods.

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