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Dance with the flavours of Jwala & Rakh

Jwala & Rakh is a story of flames and ash. It is a dance with the flavours, leaving you wanting more. The combination of two concepts, restaurant and bar, are showcased within the beautiful duplex units of Block E at The Five, KL’s latest F&B destination.

Jwala is Sanskrit for fire, flame and the spirit of fire whilst Rakh is derived from Urdu, which means ash. Rakh is the cocktail bar that will greet you first on the first floor, whilst Jwala is an upscale Northern Indian dining concept that is situated on the second floor. The concept was led by brand director, Kartik Kumar, with culinary accomplishments in Gaggan and Nadodi.

For Kartik, Damansara Heights lacked an upscale Indian fine-dining restaurant. Beyond that, Kartik says that while Malaysians are blessed with a selection of South Indian cuisine, there is a vacuum of upscale North Indian cuisine, which is why Kartik chose to undertake a restaurant with a great focus on tandoor-style cuisine expressed by North Indian flavours and produce.

The very essence of Jwala is the three customised copper-clad tandoors, which are on full display from the live kitchen. For the uninitiated, a tandoor is the “Josper grille” for Indian cuisine. The three tandoors are each dedicated to different food categories; seafood, meat and bread. Fired up with mangrove charcoal, the fire cooks the ingredients with a soaring intensity and draws out layered flavours like no other.

Downstairs in Rakh, an innovative scene of cocktails awaits.

The bar is designed in three different layers: the main seating area, cocktail station and lastly, the research and development area which is a combination of a bar and kitchen.

The cocktails are playful with unexpected flavour notes, all conceptualised by Akshar Chalwadi, Bar Director of Rakh. The flavours are inspired by food recipes which are transformed into delicious cocktails leaving diners entertained and surprised with each order.

The cocktail station is visible and sure to excite the discerning drinker. While it is functional for the bartenders in preparing cocktails, the design also allows diners to have a peek at the preparation to understand what goes on behind the process of making and mixing the cocktails.

With drinks inspired by raspberry-flavoured cheesecake, smoked salmon, buttered caramel popcorn and rasam, you are sure to be left wondering how Rakh manages to create a delicious and balanced drink.

Jwala & Rakh is now open at Block E at The Five.

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