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CNCRD: For sneakerheads by a sneakerhead

Joining the local sneaker scene is CNCRD, an online platform designed to be a one-stop site to buy and sell shoes on the secondary market with a brick-and-mortar store that is located at The Five.

What CNCRD was envisioned to become is a place where sneaker enthusiasts can have confidence in purchasing shoes on the resell market without the risk of getting burnt with replicas or even purchasing the wrong pair of shoes altogether. CNCRD provides an ecosystem that ensures both consignors and consumers get the best experience, whether in the process of consigning shoes to CNCRD or purchasing a fresh pair of off-the-market rare kicks.

CNCRD’s name came from the owner, Ryan Ng’s love of the Jordan 11 Concords. His collection of the original Jordan range (from 1 till 12) is on display in CNCRD’s space.

CNCRD has created a “place of community” by designing a space that goes beyond the traditional notion of brick-and-mortar stores - being merely a place of transaction. With the window seats and a skate ramp built inside, CNCRD has developed an environment where you can hang out with other like-minded people and get the lowdown on the current trends or find out what is happening with the price fluctuations from the experts.

For consignors, CNCRD bridges the gap between sellers and buyers by providing a seamless transaction between the two. Consignors can come to the store, fill up the consignment form and the store team at CNCRD will initiate and complete an authentication process which ensures that each pair is 100% legitimate before they are displayed and sold in-store.

The prices for each pair of shoes are based on CNCRD’s Live Pricing feature which allows consignors to adjust listing prices based on market conditions so consignors can maximise their profits. While consignors can put their own price tag on their shoes, CNCRD encourages its consignors to use CNCRD’s recommended pricing which is based on a sophisticated algorithm to determine the optimum listing price. That way consignors can optimise inventory turnover periods and maximise profit margins.

With the booming sneaker scene in Kuala Lumpur, CNCRD provides people with the opportunity to buy rare sneakers without the hassle of lining up in the early hours of the morning and braving the throngs of people. Even if you don’t see the shoe that you want in store, you can put in a request through CNCRD’s Customer Service Request Centre and leave it to CNCRD to source the shoes for you.

CNCRD is not just a retail store but more of a retail experience that encapsulates the whole lifestyle around sneakers from collectors to consignors, or just the light enthusiast.

CNCRD is now open at Level 2 @ The 5th Place.

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