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AIZU Hair Style & Lash Lab

Maggie of AIZU Hair Style and Rachel of Lash Lab

From a common love of personal beauty, Maggie and Rachel’s friendship resulted in a beautiful collaboration of AIZU Hair Style and Lash Lab at The 5th Place.

AIZU Hair Style is a lifestyle hair salon from Japan established in 2009. Maggie experienced AIZU for herself in 2015 and it was love at first cut. In 2016, Maggie found the opportunity to bring AIZU Hair Style to Malaysia where it has been thriving ever since.

Lash Lab, AIZU’s collaborator at The Five, is a Malaysian brand founded by Rachel, her husband and their late partner, Ann, who has since passed away. Rachel shares how 10 years ago, she loved to do lashes but at the time there were no places in town that provided lash extension services and with that, Lash Lab was born.

As AIZU was preparing to move out of its previous location, Maggie reached out to Rachel with a collaboration in mind. The owners of these two beautiful brands saw an opportunity right for the taking, and combined hair styling services and lash extension services in one beautiful location. Undoubtedly, it is a collaboration that many other women would be able to appreciate and enjoy, not just for its beautiful venue but also for the services provided.

At AIZU, Maggie intended to properly encapsulate the “AIZU experience” as a Japanese lifestyle hair salon. Besides ensuring that the AIZU artists deliver the same level of service which she experienced herself in Japan, AIZU’s brand new location at The 5th Place takes inspiration from the Japanese wabi-sabi way of life: an appreciation of simplicity and beauty in imperfection.

With the understated aesthetic, soft beige-coloured walls and a ceiling light filtered by a frosted pane to replicate natural sunlight in the space, AIZU has successfully encapsulated a beautiful yet relaxing environment where you can relax and enjoy a makeover. When we took a seat for ourselves in the plush salon chairs, we were awashed by a sense of calm and relaxation.

Besides getting a hair makeover or a relaxing treatment to soothe your scalp, don’t forget to enquire with the friendly receptionist of Lash Lab’s services. Lash Lab is nestled within AIZU, in its own dedicated space.

The beauty of lash extensions is how it just elevates your overall appearance especially if you prefer a natural look on a day-to-day basis. But if you are going to go to a wedding or a dinner function, the lash extensions will look just as beautiful with make up on and a lovely eyeshadow shade to complement your eyes.

Not forgetting that Lash Lab also provides lash lifts, manicures and pedicures. What more could you ask for when looking for a day of ultimate self-care.

The two beautiful owners of these brands only want for their patrons to enjoy a relaxing session in a beautiful place, somewhere where you can unwind and escape from your hectic schedules and enjoy a bit of pampering.

Not only that, patrons will only expect the best of service at AIZU Hair Style and Lash Lab. Both brands have a focus on personalisation and customisation. Whether you are looking to get a hair treatment or switch up your hairstyle or to customise lashes which will be the envy of your girlfriends, the AIZU artists and the Lash Lab therapists are there every step of the way.

With what AIZU Hair Style and Lash Lab has to offer, we are sure to get a makeover ourselves! If you are dreaming of just sitting back and relaxing in this beautiful location, bookings can be made via their respective social media channels.

Follow along as we unveil more secrets of The Five in the upcoming weeks.

AIZU Hair Style and Lash Lab are located at Level 2 of The 5th Place @ The Five.

AIZU Hair Style: +6019 800 8181

Lash Lab: ​​+6012 643 4755

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