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A location for cafes and restaurants to reimagine dining

Artist impression of Block E @The Five

Dining out has fast become an integral part of Malaysian's social calendars, with individuals of all ages arranging their weekends around discovering new dining spots to experience with their social circle or family members. After all, what better way to fill up their leisure time than in elegant settings, sampling the best that restaurants and cafes have to offer? And of course, if the location is Instagrammable that is always a plus!

This clearly attests to how the social media explosion has changed consumer trends and the desire to construct a specific look and persona on social media. For restaurateurs, this means being “Instagram worthy” in order to appeal to today’s generation. Ultimately, dining concepts are now dictated by social media trends, which impact where customers want to go and spend their money.

Opening a cafe or restaurant in Malaysia

Opening a cafe or restaurant in Malaysia is not as easy as one, two, and three because restaurateurs must consider a variety of factors – ranging from the location, the dining concept, the design of the space, crafting an appealing menu, and finally putting it all together.

At The Five, we aim to challenge other locations’ status quo. The Five’s redevelopment was intended to be fresh and vibrant, breaking away from the conventional tenant mix – this includes conceiving a new home for F&B. With this in mind, Selangor Properties seeks potential tenants to fill the place by opening cafes and restaurants with different, if not, wholly novel concepts, in order to enrich the experience for visitors.

In the 1970s, Block E served as an office building, but it has been redesigned to become a place exclusively for F&B. It is now upgraded to create a new space for food enthusiasts and culinary entrepreneurs, in contrast with other places in the area that are mixed commercial developments. This up-and-coming location is ideal for restaurateurs wishing to cater to a bustling locale in a beautifully constructed location.

The Five's location serves more than just offices; it also caters to the adjacent Damansara Heights neighbourhood and the city of Kuala Lumpur. on weekends and weekdays. Owing to the fact that The Five's situated on Jalan Dungun, the main artery of Jalan Dungun, the SPRINT highway and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim, making it convenient to get from Kuala Lumpur to Damansara Heights. The Semantan MRT, on the other hand, increases the accessibility for visitors to commute to The Five.

Above all, the existence of a diverse tenant mix within The Five will undeniably draw people to this emerging F&B hotspot, making it an ideal location to operate your cafe or restaurant.

The design

The all-under-one-roof Block E concept is great for foodies seeking a range of dining experiences in a picturesque setting. This is definitely the perfect place for owners of cafes and restaurants looking to expand their brand in a fresh location.

Artist impression of the canopy walkway of Block E @The Five

This block, like the others in The Five, has an avant-garde layout. To complement the original design, the 1970s style was modernised with contemporary materials. Starting with the facade, which has been upgraded with mashrabiya glass to minimise natural light filtration while isolating sounds from the outside. Not to mention the clay bricks which add character to Block E.

Visitors walking into Block E will certainly notice that the internal structure has been opened up, with the first floor of the building converted into the ground floor with four duplexes sitting in the corners of the building. The centre of the building which features an open space connects these duplexes, providing guests with a cohesive interior experience.

Artist impression of the al fresco dining area in the duplex unit of Block E @The Five

The double-volume space in the duplex has a built-in staircase, providing additional room for dining and allowing occupants to customise their own dining experience. While the second floor of the duplex has an al fresco patio which overlooks the panoramic view of Damansara Heights and is perfect for tenants wanting to create an indoor and outdoor dining experience for their patrons.

Up on the top floor, there are two 4,000 square feet lots on the building’s northern and southern sides. Each lot has an outdoor lanai area which allows for ventilation and the inflow of fresh air. For tenants, this is a stunning backdrop of Damansara Heights; for visitors, the view of the surrounding Damansara Heights CBD is guaranteed to lure them to wine and dine.

The aesthetics of The Five and Block E are an ideal canvas for F&B entrepreneurs wishing to launch a cafe or restaurant in this emerging neighbourhood.

The exquisite mashrabiya update as well as the “Instagram-worthy” backdrop, will definitely become an appealing selling point for visitors. Not only that, the duplex units will allow you (tenants) to open a cafe or restaurant with either casual or formal dining settings. The top floor units, on the other hand, will provide restaurateurs with the backdrop to design a dining experience, be it gourmet or casual.

This makeover has in fact produced an environment unlike any other, allowing restaurateurs to let their imagination run wild in this configurable tenancy space. To wrap it up, The Five’s location in the ever-attractive Damansara Heights will certainly attract visitors from the nearby neighbourhood and offices, including people from Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

What you want, we have it. Make your way to The Five to craft a new dining experience for all. Contact 012 633 6375 or visit our website at

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