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A contemporary update for a new dining experience

Following the successful launch of The 5th Place (previously known as Block A) as a community hub housing retail, casual F&B, and services, it was evident that the Damansara Heights neighbourhood had a bigger demand for more F&B.

Therefore, instead of extending the office space, Selangor Properties quickly pivoted to refurbish and rebuild Block E to become KL's newest and most-talked-about dining destination. It will have both casual dining establishments such as cafes, and pizza parlours, as well as, fine dining restaurants, and bars.

This eye-catching low-rise structure will hold four levels of dining experiences that will not only cater to the suburb of Damansara Heights, but also to residents in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Main entrance to Block E @ The Five

The mashrabiya glass facade is just one distinguishing feature that sets Block E apart from the surrounding buildings. The glass wall not only has an acoustic quality that insulates the structure from outside noises, but it also subtly lets sunlight into the interior to create a cosy ambience. This offers the ideal setting for cafes and restaurants in the upscale Damansara Heights neighbourhood to experiment with new ideas.

First floor looking down to the common area

This rustic vibe runs throughout this new home for F&B visionaries. The exposed beams complement the interior of the structure and contribute to the open feel of Block E's common area. This common area allows visitors to easily wander all through the building while still enjoying the design element in Block E.

Another unique aspect of Block E is that the two core levels have been renovated to accommodate four duplex restaurants, which is typically uncommon in Kuala Lumpur's F&B leasing.

Duplex unit with built-in staircase

The northern-facing duplex units will be able to fully utilise the mashrabiya glass facade, which will serve as a magnificent backdrop. Alternatively, the two duplex units with southern exposure also showcase a novel feature-a casual dining area that smoothly transitions into the cross-ventilated common areas, creating a pleasant, comfortable, and distinctive experience.

This duplex space does not only have an amazing creative outlet to work with cocooned in the (what is becoming the iconic) mashrabiya glass but it is also the perfect place for F&B visionaries that wants to embark on a culinary experience. They can also enjoy the units' internal stairways to connect their delicious journey.

The top floor of Block E not only has beautiful views of Damansara Heights, but it also has two big spaces. Each space is approximately 4,000 square feet in size with one facing north and the other facing south.

The northern-facing unit on the top floor of Block E

Aside from the vista and lofty high ceilings, the top-floor units include a lanai, which is a design feature not usually seen in modern architecture. The lanai is a verandah area where patrons can enjoy the outdoors while being protected by a roof

The development of Block E at The Five will broaden the selection of restaurants in Damansara Heights.

In recent years, Damansara Heights was recently rated one of the world's top ten trendiest neighbourhoods by Lonely Planet, alongside New York City's Sunset Park district and Florence, Italy's Borgo San Frediano. Despite its revitalisation, Damansara Height has preserved much of its charm with up-and-coming eateries ranging from cafes to restaurants, making it a highly sought-after area near Kuala Lumpur.

With its low-rise structures and attractive architectural improvements, The Five project perfectly complements the Damansara Heights neighbourhood. Tenants carefully selected within The Five's retail spaces not only serve those residing in the neighbourhood and the adjacent CBD, but also people in the Kuala Lumpur vicinity. This is made feasible by easy access via the Semantan MRT and linked highways such as Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim and the Sprint Expressway.

What The Five offers to its tenants is the ability to create a space that is more than just a place to dine – we want to challenge traditional cafe and restaurant concepts and add to the landscape of Damansara Heights.

In fact, this gives a chance to visitors of the cafe to seek an Instagrammable worthy location to share with their followers, enlivening the experiences of visitors at The Five. Not only that, but consumers also place importance on their experiences when visiting cafes and restaurants.

This is because eating out has quickly become an extension to the social calendar of the current age - be it for brunch, a quick pastry run, or a fancy dinner get-together leaving visitors wanting more. This growing trend will be advantageous for the F&B industry, especially as Malaysia transitions to endemicity and people enjoy a return to pre-pandemic normalcy.

Look no further than Kuala Lumpur to see how locals are visiting and rediscovering the area of Petaling Street, going in and out of different cafes during the weekend attending live music events, and visiting the Artisan Market in revamped settings, all to film their experiences and share them on social media.

For restaurateurs, this trend means designing cafes and restaurants that suit the desire of visitors of consumers who are seeking an appealing and open environment for social interaction in a fresh and trendy backdrop, which is what you will find at Block E.

Take advantage of the chic design that has revitalised the 70s architecture whilst combining modern functionality. The open floor plans allow restaurateurs to bring brand new concepts to life, attracting people from the Damansara Heights neighbourhood and the surrounding area of Kuala Lumpur. The raw and rustic interiors allow you to personalise the space, transforming it from a classy restaurant with a private dining experience to a secret speakeasy bar fit for Kuala Lumpur's aspiring Don Draper.

To wrap it all up, Block E is the ideal location for F&B visionaries to challenge the status quo of F&B concepts not only in Damansara Heights but throughout Kuala Lumpur.

The stage is set and ready to be filled by F&B visionaries. Be sure not to miss out - contact 012 633 6375 or visit our website at

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