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A congregation of convenience

The Five was redeveloped with convenience at heart. With the expansion of the adjacent Damansara Heights CBD, Selangor Properties Sdn Bhd recognised an opportunity to reinvigorate the five low-rise buildings of the Kompleks Pejabat Damansara (KPD) into The Five, a purpose-designed retail destination.

Having said that, in order to give back to the community, the buildings were refurbished and given a new purpose to close any gaps in F&B, retail, and service.

As it previously stood, the KPD was primarily used as offices. Now, only three of the original office blocks still maintain their purpose as office spaces, while two others, Blocks A (now known as The 5th Place) and E have been transformed into retail and dining spaces. With all else being equal, the close proximity of these necessities inside The Five is a plus point, as its community does not have to travel far just to get their daily needs. Not only that, visitors outside of Damansara Heights will find a destination with a variety of food and retail businesses that will certainly round up their experience.

In this oasis in density, the urban landscape now has a human scale.

At The 5th Place, you will find various casual dining and retail selections carefully selected to ensure convenience.

Qra, located at The Five, is a modern neighbourhood grocer dedicated to giving the Damansara Heights community local and foreign food selections along with customer experience, unlike other grocers. “Ooh, something smells good,” you say. Well, that's the coffee and pastry shop luring you in to fuel you up before you finish running your errands and go about your day.

The 5th Place also has service-oriented shopping selections, making your visit more convenient. Need to courier a parcel or require emergency printing? Mailboxes Etc. located on the first floor is the place for you. Not only do they provide those services, but they even have mailbox rentals and fulfilment services as additional business support services. This comes in handy if you are not home when a parcel is delivered.

When it comes to healthcare services located on the first floor, Ascen+ Pharmacy and Mydentist is the right place for you.

The health care service of Mydentist has 40 years of dental experience and offers dental procedures geared to provide holistic patient care. The clinic's minimalist design was created for your comfort prior to receiving dental treatments. So, there is certainly no reason to be concerned if you are experiencing dental pain, Mydentist is just right there.

Not forgetting, Ascen+ Pharmacy offers healthcare consultation services in addition to a wide choice of products such as supplements, baby products, organic food, skincare, and more comprehensive personal care items. Their flagship store was designed to provide a more involved customer experience, making personal care shopping even more delightful.

We are not done yet. There is still the second floor.

If you are looking for a place to discover your flow, The Flow Studio is the ideal place that offers a wide variety of yoga and pilates classes. Need help to realign and refresh your senses? The sound bath is the right thing for you. Their design, soft pink tones and bright studio space will add to the serenity of your practice, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

In need of some me-time? Escape to AIZU Hair Style, leaving you feeling pampered, revived, and refreshed as you walk out their door with a new hairstyle and the new "YOU". After their relocation, you can only find them at The Five; that being said this is their only location in Malaysia aside from their other outlets in Japan so you should definitely check them out.

Re-energise yourself after a full day of running errands, by dining at The 5th Place. There is always something for everyone, from the popular breakfast spot Yellow Brick Road to the guilt-free cuisine at Nourish. Not what you want? Try Feeling+ is a suitable choice for those searching for a quiet space to think over a cup of coffee. The open nature of the place, combined with a minimal design and customised furnishing, is a place that inspires unexpected relationships.

The retail curation of The 5th Place is undeniably a conglomeration of convenience in the Damansara Heights CBD. Simply make your way to The 5 to experience something like never before, with everything from retail to F&B to services all in one place.

Block E, The Five's devoted dining space, will be available to you soon in addition to the retail options of The 5th Place! This will undoubtedly provide an experience unlike any other, with gorgeous architectural improvements and new tenant design.

Keep an eye on this space as we gradually reveal The Five’s secrets.

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